TIP #1 - Making Friends

Tips for dealing with the pitfalls of a large Project
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TIP #1 - Making Friends

Post by Snaith-Paul » Fri Jun 08, 2018 9:27 am

Probably the best tip that I have heard for fundraising came on a Sheffield DAC Diocesan visit to some churches in the Nottingham area that had recently completed work. There were many useful things to learn but by far the best advice that I have heard about fundraising was the following:
  • Make friends with the HLF (or other organisation managing your grant)
  • Make friends with your architect
  • Make friends with your DAC representative
This doesn't mean becoming personal friends, Facebook friends or anything like that, but it means that you should develop a good working relationship with these people that is built on mutual trust, respect, and honesty.

If you go into a Project thinking "The DAC are going to block everything that we suggest", then you are heading for trouble and it will surely come at some stage. Get to know the DAC, try to understand the requirements that they have to adhere to and, above all, speak to them. Tell them your concerns, listen to what they say, and don't develop tunnel vision.

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