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Progress Update - 26 June 2018

Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:13 am
by Snaith-Paul
Well, it's busy here! I now have most of the source material for the banner map. Having spoken to a very nice and helpful lady at Ordnance Survey, it would appear that all the maps that we need are actually free - this is always a good thing!

We have identified all churches dedicated to St Lawrence/St Laurence in the British Isles and they will be located with numbered reference on a map which will fit on a banner. I am currently thinking of a table-top A0 banner - floor standing banners are ok, but it is difficult to read any text near the bottom. We will see - I currently have an A0 test on order for reference. All of the churches are numbered from 1 to 264 - at the moment, Snaith Priory is No. 1 because, well, you know...... ! However, when we get to the stage of offering the design to you all, I will give you the option of having your church identified as No. 1. I am hoping to have this part of the project complete within two months.

In parallel, I am also working on the touchscreen application. Now I know that I can get the data, I can promise something quite spectacular. If you haven't sent me any photos yet, please do. The more that you send, the better your church will look. I expect that the software will be complete by Christmas 2018, but it really does depend on the response.