What the Project is about

Updates and details of the St Lawrence Project
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What the Project is about

Post by Snaith-Priory » Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:24 am

The Quinquennial Inspection of Snaith Priory in 2015 identified significant deficiencies in the building structure that will require between £750,000 and £1.25m to correct.

We have been fortunate in securing £250,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund under the last phase of "Grants for Places of Worship", and we are currently in the Development Phase of the first stage which will result in us having a water-tight building.

For anyone who has worked with the HLF, or Heritage England, you will be aware that exploring heritage is a very important part of the requirements that are set as a condition of receiving the grant. Along with many other things, we wanted to explore the history of our association with St Lawrence - why IS our church named for St Laurence and not St John the Baptist or St Hilda - do we know? Do you know why your church is named?

To explore this further, we decided to try to create a network of all churches dedicated to St Lawrence so that we could exchange ideas, tips, history and other information. To do this, we needed to do the following:


1. Identify all churches dedicated to St Lawrence (COMPLETE)
2. Establish contact details for all churches (98%)
3. Create a Web Forum (COMPLETE)
3. Make initial contact with churches (COMPLETE)

Depending on the response, we will then use that to create displays. As a minimum, we already have enough information to provide a banner showing maps of the various regions, and location of all St Lawrence churches.

You will be aware that we have also asked for photos (minimum one external, one internal) - depending on the response, we will also create a touchscreen application that will allow interactive viewing of as many St Lawrence churches that want to take part. Don't be afraid of touchscreens, or the potential cost thereof - you may have seen prices of over £4000 for touchscreens. Well, we have a fully functioning 27" touchscreen running an extensive history of our church, and the total cost was less than £650. And it looks good too, so we can help with that.

Finally, and this is very important, everything that we produce as part of this project will be available for use by all other churches dedicated to St Lawrence/St Laurence. We will provide completed artwork, ordering details for banners, and software for the touchscreen.

Of course, it is all optional, and our hope is that we can increase the scope of the project as the network expands.

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